Jeanpaul Ferro, “Letters from America”

We always thought you should be proud
of your black skin, but you never were—

Black is the Shakespeare of all colors.

It is carnal like white is carnal, like blue,

like a red rain in the dead of night;

this unquenchable essence; something cupped

in the brand fires of the plains; half the day being black,

the nighttime sky full of this all encompassing blackness

that travels on forever.

And look at you!

Your eyes are the dusk over New Orleans.  Your hair

is the day breaking over the Nile.  Your feet this perfect

juxtaposition of Mississippi Jazz.

Black is the rough-hewn clay of all colors, it is the color of rebellion,

the color of the soul of James Brown, Johnny Cash, Hank Aaron, the

Beatles, Africa, and India.

On the moon the earth sits in a wet field of blackness,
a blue jewel-spot set in the dark tone of the universe,

look around you at all that is black everywhere,

God loves black—it is what you see when you close
your eyes to dream.

Jéanpaul Ferro is a novelist, short fiction author, and poet from Providence, Rhode Island.  A 9-time Pushcart Prize nominee, his work has appeared on National Public Radio, Contemporary American Voices, Columbia Review, Emerson Review, Connecticut Review, Cleveland Review, Cortland Review, and others. He is represented by the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency.  Website: * E-mail:


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