P.D. Adkins, “My Wife Switches Overnight From One Personality To Another”

That night she cried about the bills —

two hundred bucks in the bank

with twenty days to payday.


She woke excited

to cash in cans for gas,

mine the couch

for coins.


She insisted — Call me Rose.


She rifled the closet,

groaned at clothes —

Who could go dancing

in these?


She wanted to report

her Pinto stolen.


I convinced her — Wait,

then drove the kids to school.


When I returned,

three bags of pantsuits, shoes,

granny underwear

lay on the landing.


Upstairs she crowed —

Honey, I found

a twenty in the laundry.

Let’s go buy some beer!

Paul David Adkins grew up in South Florida and lives in New York.


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