Lawrence Benjamin Aaron Reeder IV, “Chavez Ravine”

We sat and talked about

going to a Dodger game

together, where the sun

is relieved by towers

of lights, drawing out both

swarms of moths and

swarms of fans – they roar

to the organ’s sound spreading

like a war song across the stadium,

and two old men will bond

over past and present prices

of a hotdog and beer

–I will gladly pay for two of

each, carefully walk down

concrete steps, stepping around

spilled cups of beer and dodging

a bevy of children. In a worn-blue

plastic chair you’ll remain

looking for me, and that meal of ritual.

You’ll kiss my cheek and smile.

But I’ll wake up and be

the one who is still alive.

Lawrence Reeder hails from Redlands, CA. Lawrence currently attends Cal State University San Bernardino and is completing his BA in English with a focus in creative writing.


3 thoughts on “Lawrence Benjamin Aaron Reeder IV, “Chavez Ravine”

  1. Beautiful sensitive, poignant poem that truly put me there at the game with the author. As Dodger games have always been a great family event of my childhood, I can completely relate to the emotions captured within this poem. It was definitely my pleasure to read this poem at the suggestion of fellow writer & poet, Michael Cooper.

  2. This always reminds me of you and your dad. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. He would be so proud of you.

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